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Mahindra Eden Floor Plan

1 BHK Floor Plan 1 BHK 400 Sq Ft
2 BHK Floor Plan 2 BHK 778 Sq Ft
3 BHK Floor Plan 3 BHK 1062 Sq Ft
3 BHK Floor Plan 3 BHK 1135 Sq Ft

3 BHK Floor Plan 3 BHK 1289 Sq Ft

Mahindra Eden Floor Plan is yet to be released by the developer Mahindra Lifespaces. However, below, we will discuss a typical Mahindra Lifespaces floor plan.

A Floor plan is a pictorial representation done using advanced tools and techniques to offer the buyers and investors spacious, airy units with ample natural light.

Typical 3 BHK floor plan of Mahindra Lifespaces

Mahindra Eden is an upcoming property, so the floor plans are not yet received. Let's review the Mahindra Lifespaces floor plan pattern.

The main entrance starts with a large main door with a foyer of 3.3*4.1sqft and proceeding it is a large living area with 10.0*13.1sqft and dining space 10.0*9.10sqft. Just beside the dining comes an open kitchen with 6.5*8.10sqft and a utility space of 2.11*6.6sqft. As we proceed further, bedroom 2 is spacious with 10*12.5sqft and an attached toilet of area 4.1*8.7sqft. Besides dining, there is a standard toilet of space 4.9*5.9sqft.

Bedroom 1 is to the right of the living area with space 10*12.5sqft and a dressing space of 4.5*8.7sqft. Besides the dining is bedroom 3 with 9.8*10.6sqft. There is a massive, airy balcony in the living area with room 9.8*7.2sqft.

Typical 2 BHK floor plan of Mahindra Lifespaces

The 2 BHK of Mahindra Lifespaces starts with a dining space of 7.8*9.10sqft, followed by the living area of 11.4*9.10sqft. From the living area, there is a balcony space of 4.3*2.9sqft. Besides the living room is the kitchen with 8.10*6.11sqft with balcony 4.3*2.9sqft. There is a standard toilet of space 7.3*4.9 sqft.

The main bedroom is size 11.1*9.10sqft and an attached bathroom of space 4.9*7.1sqft. Bedroom 2 is 10*9.10sqft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the project Mahindra Eden expected to be delivered?

The expected delivery date of Mahindra Eden is yet to be known.

2. How much are the floor rise charges?

Floor rise will be decided by the builder once the project is launched.

3. How much is the area of 2 & 3 BHK in Mahindra Eden?

It is an upcoming property, so the exact sizes of the units are not yet known. We will update it shortly.

4. Can We have an option to change the flooring?

Any Mahindra Lifespaces projects plan changes are not acceptable. You can go head once registration is done.

5. Will the model flat available with these plans?

Yes, will be available after the launch. Mahindra Eden is still an upcoming project.

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