How to choose a property for investment?

Real estate is one of the most profitable investment options. It guarantees the required return, but it is critical to understand the market trends to reap maximum growth.

Real estate, a popular financial asset, has seen enormous development in the previous decade. Even though property investments are complicated, Indians continue to be drawn to the industry. Experts say that making money in real estate needs a thorough examination of the market, possibilities, desired locations, and the benefits and drawbacks. Choosing a home that is most suited to your needs is critical to generating money in the real estate market.

A straight question. However, there are many influential factors in this process. In a vast city like Bangalore, we need to be more careful in choosing the property. Some ground steps need to be broadly looked into while selecting a property.

How to choose a property for investment?

Check for builder prospects:

The builder is the group that creates the property right from scratch or the basement. So based on this group, our whole property is planned and designed. So we need to be choosing the best builders in the city. We can safeguard our money and property by going with the best builders as the properties would be genuine with no legal hassles. And we could also cherish the outstanding quality of the project. Timely deliveries are another crucial part of the property as we do not have to pay unnecessary EMIs.

Prominent location:

We need to be choosing the best and most feasible location for us. Ensure the property is close to ours and our loved ones' work or educational places. We could reduce the travel time by doing this. Ensure we get essentials in the locality so that we do not have to step out of the region for any requirements. If we travel for essential purposes, the location must be comfortable enough to commute from and to other places.

Prosperous Amenities:

There are plenty of amenities provided by the builders these days for competitive reasons. We should also be looking for state of the art facilities on the property. These are for the long run.

Resale Value:

We all agree that we buy properties for the best returns to safeguard our future. The best properties are always the highest yielding ones in the market.

We have found a tremendous property in Kanakapura Road, South Bangalore.

Mahindra Eden

Mahindra Eden

Mahindra Eden is an excellent property with over 80% open land space. The property is a luxurious apartment segment with 7.89 acres of land parcel with 2 and 3 BHK units. Leading experts have perfectly done the Mahindra Eden designs in the city to offer us a flawless project. Hence, all the Mahindra Eden units are well lit and receive fresh air.

The spacing of the property is also carefully handled by the leading property developer Mahindra Lifespaces. So there are no dispensable payments we would be making. We will be rightly paying the actuals. On the other side, the property's locality is serene and splendid, with infrastructural and connectivity facilities. There are many exceptional properties, such as a jogging path to have a quick and brisk jog.

We have a beautiful yoga and meditation lawn, which would relax us. A large swimming pool is designed in the Mahindra Eden to beat the urban heat. A soothing spa and open gym are the exciting features of the eminent property.

There are about 15+ excellent amenities in the Mahindra Eden property to offer us a great living experience with ample comfort, convenience and luxury. The pricing of the property is also convincing with affordable rates.

Before picking a home to invest in, there are a few crucial elements to consider:

The goal of the investment

Before beginning the hunt for a suitable property, an investor must first determine his investing goals. Is he looking for a steady rental income stream, or is he more interested in capital gains? These kinds of questions should be addressed before fixing the deal.

Location Specification

The most crucial aspect to consider is the location for real estate investing. Those wishing to invest in rental properties should search for places with adequate connectivity and social infrastructure. Areas with good infrastructures, such as those near railway stations, marketplaces, and so on, would always offer more excellent rentals and price increases. At the same time, long-term investors should look for emerging corridors and city outskirts that are anticipated to get infrastructure upgrades shortly.

Understand the Property Segment & Type

Based on their risk appetite, budget, and entire investment portfolio, investors must also choose which segment is the best fit for them. Residential, office, industrial, and retail sites have advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered.

Furthermore, investors would have to pick between new and resale properties and under-construction and finished developments. Ready apartments provide advantages such as no risk of delays, quick rental income, savings on service tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) in most Indian states. On the other hand, under-construction houses can be acquired at a lesser cost and qualify for tax incentives on home loans. Still, they come with significant risks due to the market's volatility.

Consider Price of the Property

Buying at a reasonable price is essential for achieving excellent capital returns when investing in real estate. Investors must select a home that fulfils all of their requirements while remaining within their budget. Experts point out that while the cheapest places are likely to see delayed development, those that are currently costly have the least room for price increase in the future.

Choose the Best Property Developer

Make sure you hire the right property developer when investing in real estate. Since you will be making a significant investment and do not want to be scammed, it is critical to examine the developers' reliability. You should conduct a background investigation of their previous projects to determine whether they complete tasks on time, is RERA registered, etc.

Look for a property that can be rented out right away (unless you have big plans to add value through renovating). For example, houses with pools and vast gardens require a lot of attention and effort to maintain. Still, a similar home on a smaller property with a flat, grassed rear is much easier to care for.

What You Are Lookin for is Here!

If you are looking for the best property to invest in Bangalore, Mahendra Eden could be your best choice. The high-rise buildings in this lifestyle community will house bright and roomy future-ready residences. With high-end amenities and feasible maintenance, Mahindra Eden consists of 7.89 acres of land with plenty of outdoor areas. Open spaces account for 80 per cent of the overall boundaries. Get your quote today and book immediately to future proof your investment.

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