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Mahindra Eden Amenities

Mahindra Eden Amenities

Amenities are the facilities or features provided by the developer to offer us an excellent living experience with no hassles. In the urban chaos, amenities have become the substantial element to lead a peaceful and delightful life. These are the primary factors that make us decide on the property. Beyond giving us a convenient environment, these add more value to the property. And thus, the units facing any of the amenities would have premium pricing.

Mahindra Eden is a luxurious residential apartment with plenty of features to make our leisure time productive and delightful. Safety and security are of primary importance to offer us the most acceptable property.

Mahindra Eden Amenities

Amenities present at the Mahindra Eden will offer us a better living experience. There are many required features strategically present in this masterpiece.

Tennis Court

These are pretty convenient features we could have just on our premises. We could have a stable fitness and health routine with our loved ones. And we all know the prominence of this sports court. Many external sports academies are charging large amounts just for an hour. However, this is a lifetime asset for us.

Swimming Pool

The design of the state of the art swimming pool follows all the safety features, thus a safer one to utilize. These are large in size pools present just in the periphery to offer all the age groups a rejuvenating and fitness feature. One could have a good time with kids and the whole family.

Children's Play Area

Children's Play Area

The developer Mahindra Lifespaces has designed massive children's play area on the premises with utmost safety features. Yes!! This Mahindra Eden has a spacious play area suitable for toddlers to elder kids.

Yoga & Meditation Hall

The place gives a lot of serene to our health and mind. The Mahindra Lifespaces has allocated a sizeable space for yoga and meditation to offer a holistic experience and soothe our bodies and minds.

Jogging Path

A long stretch jogging path is designed in the periphery to offer the best fitness routine.

Jogging Path

A long stretch jogging path is designed in the periphery to offer the best fitness routine.

AV Room

There is a dedicated screen space in the Mahindra Eden to relish with our friends and family. It's an excellent getaway for the current scenario.


A spa is a place where we can relax, rejuvenate and feel new. These are customary these days as there is a lot of stress involved in all our lives. We can bounce back fresh with these attractive features.

Open gym

A gym is where we get many fitness routines to keep ourselves healthy and fit. There are many states of art features present in the Mahindra Eden Gym. However, to make it more amusing the the developer has designed an open gym for a more memorable experience.

Mahindra Eden is one of the upcoming lavish residential apartment complexes by Mahindra Lifespaces. Mahindra Lifespaces is one of the prominent real estate firms which offers beautiful living spaces matching international standards. They are committed to developing unmatched properties and now launches Mahindra Eden. Mahindra Eden provides 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments and is perfect for your dream abode, which features quality construction, state-of-the-art interiors and premium amenities for its proud owners. The apartment is in Kanakapura Road, one of the prime localities of Bangalore.

Amenities today are an essential aspect of any residential apartment. The amenities play a vital role in booking a dream home, ensuring a luxurious yet comfortable living experience. With the hectic present-day lifestyle, one needs to unwind instantly, and what better than The amenities which are easily accessible! The amenities promise the ultimate refreshing experience and pamper one like never before. The new-age home buyers seek apartments with supreme amenities today, and Mahindra Eden is the perfect answer. The apartments facing the beautifully designed amenities within the complex are in demand as they have open spaces and are soothing for the soul. These apartments come with a premium price range and are worth booking.

The amenities at Mahindra Eden are enticing and promises to unwind and de-stress you anytime instantly. There is something for everyone in the family, offering wonderful memorable moments. There is an array of indoor and outdoor amenities worth indulging in for a perfect rejuvenation. One need not go out to unwind as there is everything here within easy reach. The apartment offers numerous fitness, leisure and lifestyle amenities for instant recreation.

Further, Mahindra Eden has charming landscaped open spaces with beautiful gardens and parks that are pure bliss for the senses. These open spaces house several amenities such as:

Kids activity zone where children can play and indulge in various games in a secured area.

Then there is a theatre where one can have some exciting moments with family members and loved ones.

All these amenities at Mahindra Eden will allure you and create pleasant memories. Now you need not step out as there is an abundance of choices to indulge in for an elevated living experience.

Furthermore, Mahindra Eden offers 24*7 security with proper CCTV monitoring ensuring your family's ultimate safety. One can rest assured that one is safe. In addition, there is ample parking space for every resident of the apartment for hassle-free parking and comfortable to and fro movement of the vehicles.

Then there is 100% power back up. The residents will not have to worry about power cuts, and electricity will remain 24*7, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Furthermore, there is a housekeeping facility available at Mahindra Eden. The housekeeping will help ensure the cleanliness of the complex and the apartments, which is indeed pleasant.

Mahindra Eden amenities promise a holistic living experience for each apartment owner and family member. The facilities will treat and refresh you never like before while enjoying a luxurious stay at the apartment. So do not delay!! Book your favourite apartment now at Mahindra Eden and get set for a blissful living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any club house and what are the amenities provided in Mahindra Eden?

Yes, there is a clubhouse in Mahindra Eden, which has a variety of fitness, sports and recreational amenities.

2. Are there both indoor and outdoor amenities at Mahindra Eden?

Yes, there are both indoor and outdoor amenities at Mahindra Eden. Indoor amenities include sports courts, spa, mini theatre etc., in the clubhouse. Outdoor amenities include gardens, parks, swimming pool, kids play area, theatre, and many more.

3. Is there ample car parking space in Mahindra Eden?

Yes, there is ample parking space in Mahindra Eden for a hassle-free parking process.

4. What about electricity in Mahindra Eden?

Mahindra Eden has a 100% power backup, ensuring 24*7 electricity.

5. What about the safety of the residents?

Mahindra Eden ensures 100% safety of its residents with proper 24*7 CCTV monitoring. Be it children, young or senior citizens, every resident is safe.

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